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How much does it cost?

Child Care

We are approved for the Government’s child care subsidy (CCS).

That means that if you are eligible to receive CCS, part of your fees will be covered by government subsidies. This is calculated based on your families individual circumstances.

For more information call Centrelink to check your eligibility or contact our office.

Fee and Bond

Each family is required to pay a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $20 to set up your accounts and a refundable Bond of $100. Bonds may be refunded once an Enrolment is ended or may be used towards the payment of a final account.

It takes a bit of time to organise your account and ensure your entitlements are transferred to our system.


Accounts are charged each Monday and fees must be paid by Friday.

Your CCS entitlements are paid to the service as a reduction in your total fees resulting in your family paying the gap only.

We prefer fees to be paid via direct debit; it makes life easy for everyone.

Download the form here along with lots of other great info!


As per your contract with the centre, you are required to give two (2) weeks written notice.

You can let us know here if you need to make a cancellation.


You can drop you little one off from 7 am.

Please be at the centre by 6:00 pm to collect.

If you are late, you will be charged a late fee.

Read all our policies here.